Šilo – training camp 2023

The HEAD Pro Team cyclists have been working hard for the past week, preparing for the upcoming XC and marathon season at a cycling camp on the Croatian island of KRK in the town of Silo. The athletes are staying at the Cool Silo hotel, which provides a comfortable and relaxing environment for cyclists to rest and recover after their intensive workouts.

Every day, the athletes start their day with a morning training session, followed by two cycling workouts throughout the day.
One workout focuses on endurance, while the other aims to improve their cycling technique. In addition, the cyclists have been taking advantage of the beautiful landscape of the island by going on group rides to explore the area.

During their endurance training sessions, the cyclists took to the asphalt roads around the island of KRK. These sessions were designed to help the athletes build their cardiovascular endurance and push their physical limits. The workouts were also specifically designed to mimic the demands of cross country racing, which requires high levels of endurance and the ability to sustain a high pace for an extended period of time.

During their training sessions, the athletes also competed in mini-competitions to challenge their endurance and test their skills. These competitions allow the athletes to push themselves even harder and hone their skills in a competitive setting.

The HEAD Pro Team is grateful for the support of their sponsors, including the Cool Silo hotel, who have provided them with an excellent base for their training camp. With their continued support, we are confident that our athletes will be well-prepared for the upcoming season and will achieve great success on the cross-country and marathon circuits.

Team sponsors:

ADIV, váš ŠKODA dealer v Opavě a Ostravě
SR Suntour
KMC Chain Europe
KALAS Sportswear
Schwalbe tires
Město Opava
Moravskoslezský kraj
Tiskárna Grafico
Pekárna Knappe – www.knappe.cz
Femont Opava – ocelové konstrukce a haly
SLEZSKÉ STAVBY OPAVA s.r.o. – www.slezskestavby.cz