Silesia Bike Marthon 20. 05. 2019

The Silesia Bike Marathon is a very popular and demanding race in the Czech Republic. Every year a lot of riders are coming to Opava to take a part in this unique event. This is also a special competition for the HEAD Bike factory because this is our home marathon race, and this is one of the reasons why we are the main sponsor of the Silesia Bike Marathon. The race participants could choose between two distances: 90 km or 55 km.  The organizers didn't also forget about the younger racers, specially for them they prepared 20km race for the Kadett category riders and shorter distance for younger kids.  

Over 600 riders registered for main distances of the 2019 edition of the Silesia Bike Marathon. The staring list, we could found solid names, like for Boudný Pavel, Rauchfuss Marek or Fojtík Ondřej who together with Jose Silva took great second place during the last edition of the famous Cape Epic race (masters category). On the starting line, there was also an impressive amount of the HEAD Pro Team and Force Fojtik HEAD Team riders.

The race start was placed in the center of the beautiful Opava city. 

One of the most famous part of the race is a Kalvaria hill. All riders have to struggle with this steep hill, this is also the place where fans are cheering their favorites.

Fojtík Ondřej had a really good start, from the begging of the race he was in the top of the riders that raced on the 90km distance.

 Kalita Tomáš started also very good and his good performance let him finish the race on a great 9th place in the overall ranking and 5th place in the 30-39 years category.

Mrůzek Michal during the demanding climbing section.

Honza Sindelar from the HEAD Pro Team decided to start on the 55km distance, and he won his age category. In the overall ranking, he was placed on the 4th place - awesome result from this young man.

Kučerová Monika decided to start on the shorter distance and she won her age category and she also was first in the overall women category.

Pietroň Filip

Bohdalovský Jiří and Pietroň Filip took perfect 3rd and 2nd spot in the Junior category. 

Honza Fojtik from the Force Fojtik HEAD team finished his race on the 3rd place in the overall ranking, and 1st in age catgory (55km)

Ondrej Fojtik performed excellent - 3rd place in overall and 1st in age category.

The Silesia Bike Marathon was very successful for the HEAD Pro TEAM and Force Fojtik Head TEAM riders, besides great results in the 90 and 55 km distance, younger riders performed very well in their age categories. The Kadett category was dominated by the HEAD Pro Team racers because Voženílek Martin was 1st, Szczepański Lukáš was 2nd and Koller Šimon was 4th. Full race results are available here.javascript:mctmp(0);

Below you can find the full podium gallery and we can't wait for the upcoming races.