We would like to give you close up to the results of our HEAD Pro TEAM from the first racing season.

HEAD PRO TEAM is a UCI registered International Professional Mountain Bike Racing Team which was founded in the late 2016 and started racing in the beggining of 2017. Riders set-up consist 5 riders. Two representants have been from Swiss and 3 from Poland, the contestants had been starting in two categories

• Junior Men: 

◦ Joel Roth

◦ Jarosław Żur

◦ Maciej Biedrończyk 

• U23 :

◦ Nick Baumann

◦ Bartosz Dziadkowiec 

One of firsts starts of our team were in extremely muddy conditions in Marseille:




Head PRO Team service center

Jarek during the race

Jarek and Bartosz after the race


Joel Roth - 7th place
Jarek Zur - 46th place
Maciek Biedronczyk - 62nd place

During the season riders were have competed in many international competitions :



1st place Joel Roth, Heubach

20th place for Nick Baumann, Heubach



Riders are getting ready to their starts

1 st place for Jarosław Żur in Slovakia MTB XCO Cup in Smolnice



Joel Roth and Nick Baumann took a win
in their categories
in Wittnau

Maciej Biedrończyk during one of his
muddy races

Bartek Dziadkowiec during
UCI Race in Nove Mesto

Season was going up, riders results has been improving race after a race, and first big win came during European Continental Championships where Joel Roth was 8th in individual race and with Swiss TEAM he took first place in TEAM RELAY.

This was not his last very good result during 2017 season, because during the UCI MTB WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS - XCO/XCR/DHI Cairns he took perfect 2nd place in indiviudal race, and 1st in TEAM Relay with Swiss Team






TOP results of Joel:

1st place UCI-Junior-Series, Milano
7th place UCI-Junior-Series, Marseille
9th place UCI-Junior-Series, Bad Säckingen
12th place UCI-Junior-Series, Haiming
1st place Bundesliga, Heubacha
2nd place C1, Solothurn
3rd place UCI-Junior-Series, Gränichen
1st place C1, Lostdorf
1st place C1, Andermatt
1st place Seon
1st place Schweizer Meister 2017, Montsevelier
8th place European Continenal Championships
2nd place PROFFIX Cup in Lugano
1st place Overall standings of PROFFIX SWISS Bike Cup 

Jarosław Żur was compteting very well and he was 1st in overall standings of Polish XCO Cup also he took 2nd place in Polish Maraton. Championships. Other results below:

2nd place Slovakia CUP in Turčianske Teplice.
5th place Polish Cup Lublin
7th place Polish Cup UCI C2 Wałbrzych
6th place Slovakia Cup in Drozdovo UCI C2
11th place – Maja Włoszczowksa Trophy Jelenei góra UCI C1
3rd place Polish Cup UCI C3 Biała
2nd place Puchar Szlaku Solnego Tuchow
1st place Puchar Term Chochołowskich, Chochołów
1st place Slovakia Cup – Smolenice
4th place Polish Championships in Warsaw
1st place Mistrzostwka Małopolski
2nd place Marathon in Dukla
1st place Polish Cup Boguszów

Nick Baumann has successfully competed in his first racing season in U23 category, but sometimes he had some bad luck, like for example in Nove Mesto (UCI Worl Cup round) where he get injuired during one of his craches. Despite this, his results were very good! Nick's top of 2017:

11th place C1, Rivera
40th place HC, Haiming
20th place HC, Heubach
18th place HC, Gränichen
3rd place C1, Lostdorf
11th place C1, Andermatt
3rd place Seon
13th place SM Montsevelier
12th place overall standings in Swiss Cup

Maciek Biedrończyk and Bartosz Dziadkowiec were improving all season and they were racing mainly on Polish and Slovakian Cups with some really good results. Bartosz also had made his racing debut in UCI World Cup debut in racing debuti Nove Mesto.

Maciek's top results:

3rd place – Puchar Szlaku Solnego Spytkowice 2017
8th place Polish Cup in Głuchołazy
11th place Polish Championships in Marathon
5th place Puchar Szlaku Solnego rabka Zdrój
11th place Polish MTB XC Championships in Warsaw
2nd place Puchar Szlaku Solnego Tuchow
8th place Polish Cup Lublin
7th place Slovakia CUP in Turčianske Teplice.

Bartosz's top results:

6th place Slovakia Cup Elite Category
5th place Polish Cup in Boguszow Górce
1st U23 LZS Polish Championships
5th place Giga Cyklokarpaty Dukla
3rd overall standings Puchar Szlaku Solnego
8th road race in Bełchatów
4th Szlak Solny Cup in Orawka 

Racing season is over and we wish everything best to all riders and we hope that they are going to have good off season, after this exhausting year with so many races.

We would like also to say 'thank you' all sponsor of HEAD PRO TEAM.