The Bafang units are fitted in all-round bicycles, including: Trivor and e I-Peak
These models are equipped with one of two motor options: MM G360 or RM G020
For the perfect balance, the capacious battery is mounted on the down tube, and in the Trivor model, it is integrated with it.

MM G330 RM G020
Type of motor middle motor rear hub motor
Power 250W 250W
Assist modes assist mode 1-5, walk assist mode 1-5, walk
Type of sensor speed and torque speed
Max torque 80Nm 45Nm
Battery 756Wh 504Wh
Range on full charge* 130 km (Greenway ZZ250 576Wh) 80 km Greenway ZZ98 504 Wh

*Power-assist mode and capacity/travel distance (based on combined rider/bike weight of 100kg, traveling on flat roads at 23km/h

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Trivor men

Trivor men

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