Katharina 12. 07. 2019, 10:44

@Michal Peconka,

thank you for your help, but I would need the size chart for the bike wear not for the frame.

Regards, Katharina

Michal Pěčonka Administrator 12. 07. 2019 | 10:44


Sorry, I have read it badly :-) Please contact Nicole@head-bike.com

Katharina 12. 07. 2019, 09:12

I'looking for the woman bike wear size chart. Because I don't know how big the different sizes are.

Thank you!


Michal Pěčonka Administrator 12. 07. 2019 | 09:12

Good day,

here it is: http://www.head-bike.com/frame-size

Don 14. 06. 2019, 15:28

Have bought a Sram Eagle GX 12v with Sunrace 11-50 12v to upgrade my DOWNEY 1.
The problem is the leg of rear derrailleur is not compatible and I'm very worried.
Have you any solution to give, please

Emmanuel Sideridis 20. 05. 2019, 07:38

Hi, I would like to know on which I peak 2016 models the xgs label is written. Thank you.

Michal Pěčonka Administrator 20. 05. 2019 | 07:38



I am not sure what do you mean. May you please send me email to: m.peconka@head-bike.com with more details?


Thank you!

Ksenja 24. 05. 2018, 15:48

I am looking a leg for Head x-Rubi Mountain bike women 27,5.

Michal Pěčonka Administrator 24. 05. 2018 | 15:48

I am not sure what you are thinking. Can you please send me email on m.peconka@head-bike.com with some more details? Thank you!